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Our TOP 10 Christmas Tree Questions:
  1. How tall of a tree do I need?
    Generally do a size category 1 step short of the ceiling height (a 7.5' ceiling you need a 6-7' tree). This leaves room for stand height and a tree topper.
  2. What type a tree smells the best?
  3. What type has the strongest branches?
    Fraser, Noble
  4. What type of tree is the fullest?
    All are trees are heavily branched but the Douglas Fir is the "fullest" tree and has a great scent.
  5. What is a Noble Fir?
    Native to the Pacific Northwest, it has layered branching and looks like a designer Christmas tree. Good Needle retention with strong branches. We only carry this in a 7-8' size and only in Norwalk and Yonkers.
  6. What are the tallest trees you sell?
    Up to 12'. These are available in Fraser fir (also Douglas where available.)
  7. Do I need to give my tree a fresh cut?
    Yes. The tree drinks through the bark of the tree and has formed a sap plug on the bottom. By giving it a fresh cut (about 1-2") the tree is able to drink again. Put it in warm water and Miracle Tree as soon as the tree is home in an area sheltered from the wind. Warm water initially helps free up the sap plug that has started to form up again. When inside normal temperature tap water with Miracle Tree is the best.
  8. How many lights do I need?
    100 lights per foot
  9. What type of tree stand do I need?
    Krinners is the best tree stand. German engineering. One person can put the tree stand up by themselves by using their foot to tighten the tree in place while holding it straight.
  10. If I don't choose a Balsam Fir how can I get the smell?
    Use a balsam wreath, mantle piece or candle ring to add the scent to the home.
A couple other notes:
  • Balsam is the traditional Christmas tree.
  • Frasers have become our best seller due to needle retention factor.
  • Douglas firs have nice soft needles and a citrusy smell when snapped.
  • 6-7' trees are our most popular size
  • Don't forget your tree bag. I always do. - Stew
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